Whether you require the installation of an air compressor unit or the smallest of pneumatic fittings, Cooper Freer can provide you with outstanding service.

The key goal of the company is to provide customers with air compressors at a more reasonable price, without compromising on the quality. In the air compressor industry, Cooper Freer is known for its reliability and the low maintenance of its supplied compressors.

Our compressed air equipment is devised with advanced technology which provides excellent quality, longevity, and reliability. Our top quality units are fully equipped to make work more efficient and effective while creating less noise and wear, giving ongoing savings not only in running costs but also service costs.

Based on the three main factors of durability, advanced technology and cost efficiency, we provide services to Northampton, Corby, Leicester, and Boston. Offering compressor units online, we are a convenient solution for both individuals and industries.

As a leading independent compressed air house with 43 years of experience, we are able to provide our customers with:

High-quality compressor units

Great customer service

After sales support

Quick delivery

Cooper Freer offers the most energy efficient air compressors, which can help customers save money and be environmental friendly. We push ourselves to provide outstanding services to all our clients, whether they are big or small.

With our deep understanding and knowledge of all compressed air equipment including oil-free units, portable, rotary screw, lubricated, and pistons, we provide hassle free service. We are able to provide our services throughout the UK including Northampton, Corby, air compressors Leicester, Boston, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Coventry, and Lincoln.

Cooper Freer not only deals in supplying new air compressors but also provides after sale services such as repair of equipment and maintenance. We not only stock brand new air compressors but also a vast range of used equipment. We have everything from air filtration units, blowers & Vacuum pumps to pneumatics. With Cooper Freer, you are guaranteed the top quality equipment and support that you would expect from a top company. You can be sure that you will receive the best products, outstanding service and maintenance that keep your equipment running and provide efficient energy saving solutions.

Cooper Freer has developed a comprehensive online store, where we believe you will find the products and services according to your business needs. With air compressor services, you can rest assured that you will have quick turnaround, unparalleled support and energy efficient solutions.

So anyone looking for installation or maintenance of air compressor units, just call 0116 2710401 to get free quotes.
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