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Spicy Hot Chocolate

republica del cacao one origin peruvian dark chocolate, cocoa, spices (gf)

zona rosa organic central american mix espresso, condensed dairy (gf)


Horchata Sherbet


Strawberry Buttermilk

Delicious chocolate Cookie Malt

cacao barry milk delicious chocolate, republica del cacao single origin peruvian dark chocolate, oreo cookie crumbs, malt

Dark Forest Cheesecake Sherbert

republica del cacao solitary origin peruvian chocolates brownie bites, dark cherry sauce, philadelphia cheesecake sherbert

Brown Butter Cookie Sorbet

Coconut Kaffir Lime Sorbet

coconut puree, kaffir lime infusion, fresh lime juice (v) (gf)

Chocolates [[ almond cake flour]] Coconut Sorbet

republica de cacao single source peruvian chocolates, cocoa, coconut purée, roasted almonds (v) (gf) (contains nuts)

"THE INITIAL" Churro Snow Cream Sandwich

a single scoop of the selection of ice cream, sandwiched between two freshly deep-fried churro discs, tossed inside our house spiced sugar (limited amounts available - come early)

five freshly fried churro sticks, tossed in our house spiced sugar, add a dipping sauce (delicious chocolate, toffee, guava)

freshly fried chopped churro bits tossed inside our house spiced sugar

Watermelon Lemongrass

Kingswell Sucker Punch

passion fruit purée, guava purée, pineapple purée, fresh squeezed valencia orange juice (v) (gf)

freshly fried chopped churro bits tossed inside our house spiced sugar

Roasted Almonds

Hot Fudge Sauce

chocolates, cocoa

fresh, made daily waffle cones with dark brown sugars and vanilla

choose from vanilla custard, chocolate cookie malt or strawberry buttermilk, offered with refreshing whipped cream

choose from vanilla custard, chocolates cookie malt or strawberry buttermilk

Custom made Pints and Half-Gallons


During a stint over the east coast, surviving in NY and going to ICC (International Culinary Institute), her passion for pastry arts grew - especially where snow cream was included. Working for famous pastry chefs in NY, she discovered her love for making glaciers cream, which she considered the focus on of any plated dessert.

Churro Borough began as a side project; Sylvia returned to LA, was operating as an interior architect, and needed an outlet for her passion for food. Churro Borough had not been just about snow cream and pastries - it was an emotional link with her past, also to individuals of LA.

Want to join the team?image class="left" url="" We are constantly looking for talented people to greatly help us spread the pastry propaganda.

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